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How many of you are familiar with Whose Line Is It Anyway? Well, it doesn't really matter, because I'm making the ultimate Whose Line Is It Anyway crossover fanfic extravaganza! Inspired by that Kingdom Hearts/Whose Line crossover fic I reccommended a while back (that sadly is nowhere to be found anymore), this fanfic will crossover not just Kingdom Hearts, but any other fandom I feel like throwing in the mix! Sanity will be questioned, dignities will be destroyed, yaoi fangirls will scream with joy, and YOU, flist, get to help make it all happen!

That's right! Starting today, I will be taking suggestions for this fanfic. It can be what character/s should be in the next chapter, suggestions for audience participation games like Scenes from a Hat, or whatever!

For the first chapter, I'll be doing Scenes from a Hat. Subsequent games will be decided once I get there, but suggestions would be more than welcome there, too!

So send me those suggestions! And don't worry. Due credit will be given to all suggestions used.

If you need some ideas, www.youtube.com/user/12Medbe this Youtube Channel is a great place to start!

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Yeah. It'll make finding my fanfics easier, both for me and anyone following me. Plus it'll (hopefully) give me the kick in the rear I need to actually start writing them.

Oh, yeah, and I plan on reworking that KH multi-crossover. Some day. My mind has kind of been taken over by Hetalia at the moment.

Edited for link to writing journal! [livejournal.com profile] hitomis_fics 


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