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Once upon a time, I had a beginners understanding of French. Now all I can remember is the above phrase.

I actually plan on majoring in Japanese once I get to BYU(don't know when, but I will make it happen!). Other languages I want to learn are Mandarin Chinese, Quenya, and Sindarin. Notice that half of these languages are Tolkien constructs. That's how much of a nerd I am.
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Psychology is out. Not that I'm not still fascinated by that stuff. It's just a little too expensive to get to for me, especially at the moment. I still want to go to BYU for higher education, though.

So, what will be my major, you may be asking? Japanese with a minor in Japanese teaching. Seriously. Outside of theatrical and vocal performance, the times I've most felt like I was doing the most with my talents was whenever I was learning a language. Whether it was French in high school or Quenya just for the heck of it, I always felt like I was doing something meaningful when I studied these languages. Heck, even just thinking about learning languages makes me feel good. Plus, I love Japanese stuff to begin with, so I'd have tons of motivation to do well.

You're probably wondering "What's the practical application of all this?" Well, the business world could always use a Japanese translator or two. Probably more Mandarin translators, but that's neither here nor there. There are also diplomatic possibilities. I would have to move where such jobs are, like NYC or D.C. and, my biggest hope, Japan.  I wouldn't mind moving to those places, especially the last one. And since I plan on minoring in teaching Japanese, I could teach the language in schools. Again, might have to move somewhere else, but as long as an LDS temple isn't too far away, I really won't mind where I move. Unless it's Florida.

Woah. I just had a strange epiphany. I remember reading in a book about depression that Asia in general barely even acknowledges the seriousness of it. I had the impression that it would be the same for all mental illnesses. If I were to move to Japan for a diplomatic job, I could write a book about how I overcame my schizophrenia. I don't know how that would help schizophrenics in Japan; I might not at all. It's just a thought I just had.
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The title of this entry is Irish for "internet journal." At least it would be if I could type in the accents on the letters. But I think I got the point across that I'm Irish. And Scottish. And English. And there's definitely a Cherokee or two in there somewhere.

Fanfic is hard to write. For me, anyways. I can plan it all in my head wonderfully, but putting it on paper is a real struggle for me. It might be my medication interfering with my creativity. Then again, even when I wasn't taking meds I had trouble getting my ideas out.

Have I ever mentioned that I would love to learn as many languages as possible? Well, I have now. Japanese, Irish, Quenya, Na'vi, Swahili, Mandarin, just about every language out there. Except Klingon. As much as I am a Star Trek fan, Klingon is not at all euphonic to me.

Yeah, this entry is rather random. But the subtitle of this journal is "Random musings and ramblings," so what did you expect?


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