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Only when Christ comes again. And he will come again.
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I know this a rather unseemly hour to share this, but I felt prompted to do so.

Yesterday evening I(along with the rest of my singles ward) went down to the Marriot Center at BYU to listen to the CES Fireside with speaker Neil A. Anderson of the Quorom of the Twelve Apostles. It was a great talk all around, but one particular part stood out to me. While talking about how we can be an influence in the lives of others and their posterity, Elder Anderson talked about Sister Barbara Thompson of the Relief Society General Presidency. Despite her plans for marriage and family as a young woman, she is still single after all these years. He talked about how she had served many years in the Young Women's organization of the Church, and how one of the girls she mentored wrote her some 20 years later to tell her how much of an influence Sister Thompson had been in her life, and subsequently, her children.

I really needed to hear that. There are times when it seems like I'll never get married, even though I'm only 21. I always knew that I could be an influence for good single or married, but just hearing it from the mouth of an Apostle drove it home for me. I actually got a little teary-eyed at those words. Even if I never marry and have children of my own, I can still have an impact on the coming generations, whether I'm in Young Women's, Primary, or just a great neighbor or aunt to the children my siblings may have. I am so glad I heard this message in person. It would not have impacted me nearly as much if I had seen it on BYUTV. There's just something about being there that makes the words more able to penetrate my heart.


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