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lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Weatherstock Remember when I said that you could play music in LOTRO? In groups as well as solo? I have? Good. Have I told you about my kinship, The Lonely Mountain Band, and how every Monday we hold a little event called Ales and Tales where we play songs, tell tales, drink ale(yes, you can craft booze in game. Pipe-weed too) and generally have a fun time? I have? Good.

Now let me tell you about an annual event The Lonely Mountain Band has held every summer since 2009. Think of it as a big Middle-Earth Battle of the Bands meets Woodstock kind of shindig held on Weathertop. What's it called? Weatherstock!

Seeing as I only joined the LMB shortly after LOTRO's F2P launch, this will be my first Weatherstock. And I am so excited for it. I heard from our kinship leader herself that over 200 folks were in attendance last year. LOTRO podcasts will be commenting on it. Two of the bands who signed up are from an EU server(which, until June 1st this year, are run by a different company). Saying that this is kind of a big deal is a huge understatement!

For more information, see the link at the beginning of the post. I doubt many on the flist will be interested, but if I can spread the word, well, I'll be content.

And now I must figure out what organizing team I should be on.
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Lose 50+ pounds, for starters. Get accepted to BYU, and read the Book of Mormon cover to cover at least once this year. Also, I will have a VIP subscription to LOTRO by years end.

While I'm talking about that sort of stuff, time for a special birthdat shoutout to the one and only [livejournal.com profile] starcrossed_sky !
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Yes. You read that correctly. I now have a blog dedicated to my LOTRO experiences. Why did I make a blog? Well, I kinda just felt like it to be honest. There is a gathering of bloggers in-game called Blogmoot tomorrow that I wanted to attend, but it's on a different server than what I usually play, and at this point I'm not much of an alt person. Maybe at the next Blogmoot, then.

So yeah. I probably won't be talking much about LOTRO here except to direct you to my blog. This will be for other things happening in my life (family stuff, fanfics, etc.).

journeysthroughlotro.blogspot.com I swear, I will one day learn how to take screenshots.
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So, you know that LOTRO thing I mentioned the other day? I kinda got mixed up on it's location. Sorry if that caused anyone to miss it. Oh, who am I kidding? No one on my flist plays LOTRO.

However, I would like to mention that I actually told a tale at Ales and Tales Monday. It was basically a retelling of the ghost story Katara told in The Puppetmaster episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender. It was rather well recieved for my first time. Yay me!

In other news, if you have yet to get The Last Airbender Rifftrax, at least go watch it on Youtube. Not only will you see how awful that movie is, but you will also hear comedy of a MST3K flavor.
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Found it through [livejournal.com profile] seasonal_icons today, and I thought it would express my Christmas wishes perfectly. At least somewhat. They didn't have a Turbine Points for LOTRO option.

Speaking of LOTRO, I haven't really talked about this game a lot here. Well, now I shall remedy that. I adore this game. It's just plain awesome in nearly every aspect. The developers are understanding and patient with the players, the community is on the whole far more mature than other games I've played, and the game itself is easy to get the hang of and challenging enough to make you want to come back.

Monday nights are especially fun for me in game lately, ever since I joined The Lonely Mountain Band kinship(guild) on the Landroval server. Why, you ask? Because Monday nights is when our RP event Ales and Tales occurs. Officially starting at 10:30 EST(we start gathering about an hour beforehand), we tell tales(lore appropriate, of course), play songs(the in-game music system is awesome), and generally just hang out and have fun getting drunk off of virtual booze(the only booze I will ever touch). Seriously, drinking alcohol in game makes the screen go all double vision on ya. It's loads of fun and open to anyone on the Landroval server. The location changes from week to week. This week it will be at our recently appointed HQ in the Raglan neighborhood of the Bree-land Homesteads. Tons of fun are sure to be had.

In other news, having a cold stinks.


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