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I was getting my braces adjusted when the first tower was hit. I got home to find the news on television and a scar in a NYC skyscraper(I lived in Florida and was homeschooled at the time). I also watched the second plane hit and both towers fall.

At first I thought it was all some horrible accident. Then I saw the second plane hit. I really didn't cry until I tried to explain the whole thing to my younger brother, who had turned 5 that day(by providence, we had the party the day before so his cousin could attend). I'm not really sure why I took it upon myself to do that other than I felt that I had to.

As a quick aside, I was living about an hour south of where President George W. Bush was at the time he was told of the attacks.

I first really understood the reality and seriousness of evil that day.
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Ah, Star Trek. What sci-fi franchise has inspired more geekiness? None, I can tell you that.

I come from a long line of Star Trek fans. My grandfather liked it, he passed it on to Mom, who passed it on to me. I literally remember watching The Next Generation as a 4 year old with my mom. More recently, we went together to the J.J. Abrams reboot movie. I actually started clapping at the end credits. We also went to see Star Trek: Nemesis together. Both of us cried when (spoilers) Data sacrificed himself to save billions of lives(end spoiler).

Yeah, I have a lot of fond memories involving Star Trek. Like that universal remote shaped like a phaser I had for years. Never actually used the remote feature. I just wanted a phaser.

The world has changed a whole lot since 1966, thanks in part to Star Trek itself. So many modern amenites have their roots in Star Trek tech.

So happy 45th anniversary, Star Trek. May you keep boldly going where no one has gone before!
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Fluffy the polar bear. Actually it was more of a white teddy bear than an accurate representation of a polar bear, but whatever. When I outgrew her, I gave it to my younger brother. Once he outgrew it, we donated it. I can't remember where, exactly. She wasn't a very large teddy bear, but I loved her all the same.
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So, my sis recently bought a PSP and Birth By Sleep. All three of us siblings have started playing it, and frankly, I love it. It's been years since I've played a Kingdom Hearts game, so this really means a lot to me.

Now, I am fully aware that it is just a game and that reality ain't nearly as spectacular. I've been out of La-la Land for some time, now, so I think I have a pretty good grasp on reality now. Why do I bring this up? Because in the past, me playing the game = major behavioral problems because the game kinda blurred the lines between fantasy and reality for me. Or it was just plain addicting. I'm leaning towards the latter. Besides, I've discovered Facebook in the interim.

You know, I remember the first time I ever played the first game. It was the music that really got me hooked. Utada Hikaru and Shimomura Yoko really know how to draw one in with music. I cried at the ending of the first game. I cried at the ending of the second. I'm sure I'll cry if I ever get around to playing Days. I guess I cried because I let myself get emotionally involved with the story line. And Birth By Sleep certainly has a storyline that provokes sympathy.

So yeah, kind of a random entry. No real progress on my fic. Still stuck on what my outfit will look like.

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To bullies whose names I can't remember

Maybe you remember me and maybe you don't. If you don't, maybe this will jog your memory.

Fifth grade at Orangewood Elementary in Fort Myers, Florida. It's late 1999-early 2000. There is a tall blonde girl with glasses in your class who's off in her own little world all the time. You decide, for whatever reason, to make fun of her daydreams, and she lashes out with suprising anger at your taunts, which only fuels your desire to bully her. You eventually give her the nickname "Devil Woman." One of you(a black kid whose name I again can't remember), even slaps her at one point.

That tall blonde girl with glasses used to be me. You probably already figured that much out. Here's what you didn't know. Those daydreams of mine were actually schizophrenic delusions. That's right. I had schizophrenia while you were bullying me. As such, I held a grudge against you guys long after fifth grade. Fifth grade me hated your guts.

But that was fifth grade me. I've changed. I'm on medication to control my delusions and angry outbursts. I've been able to logically think out how I exacerbated my own situation and why you guys targeted me in the first place. And now I can honestly say that I forgive you. It's taken me a long time to get to this point; far longer than it should have, but I'm there all the same. I forgive you for being mean to me and I hope you can forgive me for my outbursts.

I know that the chances of you reading this are very slim, but that really doesn't matter to me. This was more for me than for you. Even so, if you someday come across this, feel free to comment. After all, I'm sure you've changed a lot since fifth grade, too.

Inspired by the latest entry in [livejournal.com profile] starcrossed_sky 's journal.


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