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Dear younger brother,

I know I said that I hated you back when I was delusional, but that's just it. I was delusional. I honestly thought that you were the source of all my problems back then. Now I know that it was just the way our trials were timed. I love you with all my heart, even when you are a pain in my rear. I'm sorry that I never really played with you when you were a kid, too. Again, the delusion thing is partly to blame. The other part is our age difference. I am so sorry about saying that I hated you.

You'll probably never read this, since you're not on LJ and probably don't even know it exists. But I can tell you when you wake up this morning.

With all sincerity,
Your "little" sister
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In no particular order, list ten things that make you happy and then tag six people to take this.

These are a few of my favorite things... )
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To be honest, I can't think of just one piece of advice that my dad has shared with me that's stuck with me most. It's all good stuff. If only I would actually listen to it.
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My mom's talents. While I do have a good many talents of my own that I like(singing and acting come to mind at the moment), my mom has talents that I would find very useful. She's great at multi-tasking and understanding how her children are feeling.

I'd also want my sister's talents. She loves to draw, and she get's better at it every day. Not only would I love to be able to draw like her(I have so many fanart ideas that I fear may never be realized), I would love to have her dedication to getting things done. Not sure if that's a talent, but I want, no, need it, badly.
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I do! Along with ever other member of my immediate family(minus the dog, of course). My parents got rid of the land line and got everyone cell phones. Why? Saving money, mostly. Plus Mom really wanted to talk to us whenever she wants. My brother already sent over 50 texts by the time I got home last night. Thank goodness the texting is free.

The phone itself is a Samsung Gravity T, and it is awesome. I've yet to figure out how to post to Facebook on it, but that's what my brother is for ;).

I've been wanting a cell for a long time, but have always lacked the funds to get one. So this is pretty big news for me.

Well, I'd better get going on adding people's numbers to my phone.
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To be honest, it's my medication. In order for my delusions to be kept in check, my creativity has to be blunted. It sucks majorly, but that's the way it has to be. I haven't given up on my fic, not by a long shot. I just thought it would be prudent to let you know not to expect frequent updates.

Yesterday though, my mom made a suggestion that I really liked. My sister has a lot of story ideas(both fanfiction and original). The ideas are really good, but she lacks the linguistic know-how to make the final product really good(she's two years behind linguistically and no one tried to help her learn to read in elementary school). She could potentially make a career off her original stories, as she plans to market them as manga for LDS kids. All she needs is a beta reader.

That's where I come in. While my creativity may be blunted, my knowledge spelling, grammar, and storytelling techniques is not. Mom suggested that while my sis works on her graphic design schoolwork(she's taking the course over the internet), I could help polish her stories. It would give me something to do, and I'd be helping both of us get on the road to a steady income.

I am behind this 100%. We can start with her fanfics and then go from there. As long as I remind her that spelling corrections does not mean that her fanfic is bad.

In case you are curious, she does not have a LJ, but she is on fanfiction.net with the penname Ember Neutron. She's only got one story out and it hasn't been beta'd by me, so it's very rough. But her story ideas are just plain awesome. Most are crossovers. I guess being a sucker for crossovers runs in the family.

Speaking of family, my cousin from the Orlando, FL area went into the LDS Missionary Training Center on the 1st of this month. He and his parents came out a few days early to spend time with us. He'll be serving in Salt Lake City, which is a huge load off of his parents minds. If anything happens to him, we'll be about an hour away.

So that's what's been happening recently. I can't wait to get started on my official beta-ing duties.


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