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1. If You Could Hie to Kolob - An LDS hymn that is currently my top favorite.
2. I Am a Child of God - Another LDS hymn that I've loved since childhood.
3. Perform This Way - Weird Al's parody of Lady Gaga's Born This Way.
4. Passion by Utada Hikaru - I know it's in Japanese, but I do know all the lyrics, as well as the translation of them.
5. The Atop the 4th Wall theme song - I am such a nerd.
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Do I really need to link to it? You already know what it's going to be.


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I'm in an RP and I'm doing NaNoWriMo. Clearly I have lost my mind.
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Or gotten raped or God knows what else.

Today a complete stranger wanted my phone number after I gave him directions. I should have known something fishy was going on (my sister did), but my insensitivity to the Spirit, coupled with a blind trust and desperate need for a guy to notice me blinded me. I gave him my home address. That's how utterly stupid I was being. If I hadn't obeyed my mother and told him to not follow me home, I don't know what would have happened. He still came to my house later, but we called the cops when that happened. My fishy senses were on full blast by that point. Now I have to change my phone number so that he can't track me. Hopefully we can get the number he gave us off my sister's phone so that my father can call him. My brother also has permission to kick the dudes ass if he sees him around the neighborhood.

There's only reason I can think of that I didn't get hurt. God was watching out for me, and no one will convince me otherwise. I haven't been nearly as good as I should have, and nothing was working to get me to change my ways. I guess I'm one of those people that has to be scared into doing what's right. This is my last chance to clean up my act, and you can bet that this time I will not waste it. 

So girls, if a complete stranger comes up to you asking for your phone number, don't give it to him. Especially if he's charming. It's just trouble waiting to happen. 
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I turn 23 today! Man, do I feel old.

My parents and siblings are going to see Styx tonight. Why am I not going. Because I didn't realize I could enjoy rock concerts until it was too late to buy me a ticket. Yeah, I can be an idiot at times.

And now, a segment I like to call: "Births, deaths, and other important events that happened on my birthday!"

Augustus Ceasar (cool!)
Kublai Kahn (neat)
Empress Go-Sakuramachi of Japan (the most recent reigning empress of Japan)
Mary Mallon aka Typhoid Mary (yay?)
Su Buqing (Chinese mathematician and educator)
Mickey Rooney (it's funny because he's short and I'm tall)
Bruce Springsteen (Rock on!)
Maki Goto (Awesome!)

The only one that really interested me was Hiroshi Fujimoto(aka half of the manga writing duo Fujiko F. Fujio) in 1996.

Other interesting stuff:
We have the discovery of Neptune(neat), the founding of Nintendo, the publication of the original Phantom of the Opera novel, the founding of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the first gas chamber experiments at Auschwitz(not neat).

What are my birthday presents, you ask? Well, only the LORD OF THE RINGS BLU-RAY. ALL OF THEM! I am a happy nerd.
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Shortest: Green Eggs and Ham. Or some Dr. Suess book.

Longest: The Tale of Genji, which I have yet to finish.
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Tagged by [livejournal.com profile] ladyhadhafang !

List 20 odd  things about yourself. 20 weird habits, character  traits, quirks, fears, and so on. Then tag 5 people. Who knows? Maybe  you'll find someone on LJ who shares similar idiosyncrasies.

Political leanings, physical traits, cultural tastes, and more! )
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Had a pretty cool expereince yesterday while visiting teaching. What's visiting teaching, you ask? It's a Latter Day Saint thing where female members visit other female members to support each other.

Anyway, we were visiting this girl, having good discussions about all sort of things, spiritual and otherwise, when her brother passes by after waking up from a nap. With a snake around his neck. I didn't give it much thought other than "Cool. A snake." My sister... almost freaked out. She pointed out the snake, and suddenly the conversation took a rather different turn. Not only did he give us lots of interesting facts about snakes and caring for them as pets, he also let me hold both the snake around his neck, but another, smaller specimen that he had. I had held a snake before(a very large one that took several people to hold, but a snake nonetheless), but this was the first time I had volunteered to hold one, let alone two. My sister... well, she pet them, but was very much against holding them. She is very much like Indiana Jones in that regard.

Why do I bring this up? Becuase I was actually rather suprised by myself when I held those snakes. It had been years since I had even seen a snake, let alone held one. I have to say, I was quite proud of myself, because if I were 12, I would have been reacting to the snakes in a manner similar to my sister. The very large snake I held all those years ago helped me get over my natural squeamishness around them, but I had honestly expected never to hold another serpent in my life.

Let me tell ya though, my mom nearly freaked out when she found out when we got home. Having grown up in Kentucky, where there are more poisonous snake species than out west, I totally understand. Accidentally mixing up the words "cobra" and "python" didn't help either.

So now you know that I actually kinda like snakes. Never thought I would type that phrase, but there it is.
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My mom's talents. While I do have a good many talents of my own that I like(singing and acting come to mind at the moment), my mom has talents that I would find very useful. She's great at multi-tasking and understanding how her children are feeling.

I'd also want my sister's talents. She loves to draw, and she get's better at it every day. Not only would I love to be able to draw like her(I have so many fanart ideas that I fear may never be realized), I would love to have her dedication to getting things done. Not sure if that's a talent, but I want, no, need it, badly.
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lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Weatherstock Remember when I said that you could play music in LOTRO? In groups as well as solo? I have? Good. Have I told you about my kinship, The Lonely Mountain Band, and how every Monday we hold a little event called Ales and Tales where we play songs, tell tales, drink ale(yes, you can craft booze in game. Pipe-weed too) and generally have a fun time? I have? Good.

Now let me tell you about an annual event The Lonely Mountain Band has held every summer since 2009. Think of it as a big Middle-Earth Battle of the Bands meets Woodstock kind of shindig held on Weathertop. What's it called? Weatherstock!

Seeing as I only joined the LMB shortly after LOTRO's F2P launch, this will be my first Weatherstock. And I am so excited for it. I heard from our kinship leader herself that over 200 folks were in attendance last year. LOTRO podcasts will be commenting on it. Two of the bands who signed up are from an EU server(which, until June 1st this year, are run by a different company). Saying that this is kind of a big deal is a huge understatement!

For more information, see the link at the beginning of the post. I doubt many on the flist will be interested, but if I can spread the word, well, I'll be content.

And now I must figure out what organizing team I should be on.
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Methink's there'd be a doctor or two with black eyes. Assuming I had the muscle tone to lift my arms, let alone throw a punch. Seriously, that would be the biggest slap in the face to me ever.

Still, it would be kinda nice to have all the bad stuff that's ever happened to me just be a bad dream. It would give me a fresh start, that's for certain. Still, I have and still am working hard to overcome my past and faults. Having it all be taken away would kinda suck.
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Bin Laden is finally dead! I know I shouldn't be this excited about someone dying, but this is just too momentous an occasion not to be excited! Finally, after almost a decade of wondering and waiting and watching and pretty much losing hope of us ever finding him, we got him!

To be honest, when I first saw the news, I was skeptical. Mind you, I first saw it on Twitter, so my skepticism was well founded.

You know what though? I'm rather sad that it had to end for him this way. Mass murderer that he was, he was still a child of God, just like Hitler and Stalin and Mao were. It's sad that people can become so wicked that the only way to prevent them from hurting others is to kill them.

I am fully aware that the short term ramifications include the people venerating him as a martyr and thus carrying on attacks in his memory. I really think that in the long run, the world will be a better place.

My mom had the weird idea of sticking his body on a pole at Ground Zero, Vlad the Impaler style. It would certainly be quite the message. It's also kind of disturbing coming from my mother.

My brother, whose birthday is September 11th, is positively giddy with joy right now. We have all been trying to calm him down, but to no avail.

Bets on whether this gets more news coverage than Friday's royal wedding.
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Psychology is out. Not that I'm not still fascinated by that stuff. It's just a little too expensive to get to for me, especially at the moment. I still want to go to BYU for higher education, though.

So, what will be my major, you may be asking? Japanese with a minor in Japanese teaching. Seriously. Outside of theatrical and vocal performance, the times I've most felt like I was doing the most with my talents was whenever I was learning a language. Whether it was French in high school or Quenya just for the heck of it, I always felt like I was doing something meaningful when I studied these languages. Heck, even just thinking about learning languages makes me feel good. Plus, I love Japanese stuff to begin with, so I'd have tons of motivation to do well.

You're probably wondering "What's the practical application of all this?" Well, the business world could always use a Japanese translator or two. Probably more Mandarin translators, but that's neither here nor there. There are also diplomatic possibilities. I would have to move where such jobs are, like NYC or D.C. and, my biggest hope, Japan.  I wouldn't mind moving to those places, especially the last one. And since I plan on minoring in teaching Japanese, I could teach the language in schools. Again, might have to move somewhere else, but as long as an LDS temple isn't too far away, I really won't mind where I move. Unless it's Florida.

Woah. I just had a strange epiphany. I remember reading in a book about depression that Asia in general barely even acknowledges the seriousness of it. I had the impression that it would be the same for all mental illnesses. If I were to move to Japan for a diplomatic job, I could write a book about how I overcame my schizophrenia. I don't know how that would help schizophrenics in Japan; I might not at all. It's just a thought I just had.
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Mom really did not want to go back to work at Wal-Mart. She had a bad feeling about it. And to be honest, knowing what I know about God, I'm actually rather glad she got fired. Not only is it time for Dad to take the reins income-wise, but my sister and I are at the point in our lives that we need to become independent, and I really feel that Mom is the best one to teach us how to do that. I'm not mad at the people who fired her or contributed to her firing anymore. I still think they are horrible people for doing that, but I've realized that it's just not worth getting mad at them. Oddly enough, it took me longer to get to that point than my mom.

In other, more cheerful news, [livejournal.com profile] lotrgficbigbang now exists. I can not begin to tell you how excited I am for this. I had even been thinking about how awesome such a thing would be when I found it. Sign-ups begin today(as soon as the sign-up post actually exists), and I am so going for it. It's 20,000 words over 6 months, so there's a bit less pressure than NaNoWriMo. I also have an excellent idea for what to write. Thank goodness they allow crossovers!
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Dear Lord, what have I gotten myself into?

Kingdom Hearts 30 Day Meme
Day 27: Preferred Fighting Style

Magic all the way!
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So apparently, LJ has a new feature that allows you to post comments to Facebook and Twitter, as well as entire entries. My thoughts? What's the point of this feature? Do we really need to sync up every aspect of our internet lives?

Honestly though, all that matters to me is that you don't use the stuff in my post for nefarious purposes. I believe that whatever bad we do has consequences, regardless of whether you get caught or not.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to take my mom to the TMJ doctor and my brother to the orthodontist today. Yipee.


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