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I turn 23 today! Man, do I feel old.

My parents and siblings are going to see Styx tonight. Why am I not going. Because I didn't realize I could enjoy rock concerts until it was too late to buy me a ticket. Yeah, I can be an idiot at times.

And now, a segment I like to call: "Births, deaths, and other important events that happened on my birthday!"

Augustus Ceasar (cool!)
Kublai Kahn (neat)
Empress Go-Sakuramachi of Japan (the most recent reigning empress of Japan)
Mary Mallon aka Typhoid Mary (yay?)
Su Buqing (Chinese mathematician and educator)
Mickey Rooney (it's funny because he's short and I'm tall)
Bruce Springsteen (Rock on!)
Maki Goto (Awesome!)

The only one that really interested me was Hiroshi Fujimoto(aka half of the manga writing duo Fujiko F. Fujio) in 1996.

Other interesting stuff:
We have the discovery of Neptune(neat), the founding of Nintendo, the publication of the original Phantom of the Opera novel, the founding of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the first gas chamber experiments at Auschwitz(not neat).

What are my birthday presents, you ask? Well, only the LORD OF THE RINGS BLU-RAY. ALL OF THEM! I am a happy nerd.
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The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King.

It's Hobbit Day. Did you really expect something else?
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The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion. I will spread the geekiness from one generation to another!
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Why, you ask? Because I haven't been jumping up and down like a crazy person at every update concerning The Hobbit movies. I've been more nonchalant about it. Maybe that's a good thing.

In any case, today, our first look at Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins was released by Entertainment.com today, as linked to above. And it is awesome! Hence why I'm using my Korra icon aka my default awesomeness icon.

Seriously, I have never been this excited for these movies!
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"In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit." For the fans of Tolkien, this was their first step into a larger world. Seriously.


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